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Stephen Curry doing his injury rehab training in 2018 with the 10K.

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10K Testimonials

Easy Setup

The Gun is the easiest machine on the market to set up and program. It takes less than 20 seconds, and you're shooting!

Easy Programming

The 10K is the only machine with a true touch screen and touch spot programming, making it 5 times faster than other machines when you don't have to toggle through the selections.


The Gun is the only machine that gives you a return pass with its patented, soft touch throwing arm with backspin just like a pass you would receive in a game.

Ball Placement

The 10K Gun will give you a consistent pass to the same spot, same height, and with backspin so that you can concentrate on shooting and not chasing the pass.


The counter keeps up with makes and misses and allows you to hear the swish of a made shot. Unlike other machines, you won't hear a metallic "klunk" when you've nailed the perfect shot.


The Gun has the least intrusive but most effective collection net in the industry. You can raise the net up to 30% higher than other machines to collect more hard misses and train players to use the proper arch.

Ticket Printer

The optional ticket printer provides your players with instant, physical feedback: a paper print-out of their shooting workout. It's another way to build accountability.


You can customize your Gun to your school colors, and Shoot-A-Way will put your logo on the side for no extra cost.

Shooter Reviews

Every NBA team, most every college, and over 15,000 high schools use the Gun. That's credibility and quality that only comes from being tested over time.

Made in the USA

The Gun is the most reliable shooting machine in the world and is made to hold its resale value up to 10 times the competition. Hey, it's made in the USA!

Custom Colors and Logos

Make your Gun your own with your team's colors and logo at no extra charge!

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Increase Arch

Increase arch to just 45° and get a 44% increase in target size.

Diagram showing results of low basketball arch
Diagram showing results of high basketball arch

Why shooting percentages will go up with arch:

  1. Bigger target — up to 70% bigger!
  2. Better chance for a shooter's bounce.