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4th Grader to College Star

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With unmatched repetition and reliability to make your shooting practice more efficient, The Gun’s ability to get up to 1,800 game-like shots per hour, combined with teaching a proper shooting technique and arch, will give your player the same training used at thousands of top universities and high schools right in your backyard. The Gun’s easy setup/takedown allows it to roll through any standard door, setting up or tearing down in a matter of seconds.

Practicing with the Gun gives your player the opportunity to perfect their shooting technique at home for years before they ever hit the high school court, the same way NCAA all-star three-point shooter Micah Mason did in his backyard.

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The Gun 10K for Home Use

The Gun 8000 for Home Use

Increase Arch

Increase arch to just 45° and get a 44% increase in target size.

Diagram showing results of low basketball arch
Diagram showing results of high basketball arch

Why shooting percentages will go up with arch:

  1. Bigger target — up to 70% bigger!
  2. Better chance for a shooter's bounce.