Real Users of The Gun Basketball Shooting Machine

No paid endorsements here — just honest, hard working coaches and teams, willing to share their experiences.

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Troy Geiser “We would not have won our first State Championship without the Gun.”
Coach Troy Geiser, Sangre de Cristo H.S.- CO., 2A Coach of the Year
Nick Guida “Our improved success as a program has increased each year due to the fact we were able to shoot higher percentages from the floor. We’ve increased our 3 pt shooting percentage from 33% as a team 2 years ago to over 40% as a team in our championship season. We also shoot 52% from 2 as a team. These shooting percentages directly relate to our game-like workouts and added repetition that our Gun shooting machines offer.”
Nick Guida, 2007 Boys Basketball State Champions, AAAA Coach of the Year - Buffalo, Mn
Jan Azar “We use the Gun daily in practice during our season. We have a station in every practice with 2 to 3 girls shooting on the Gun.”
Coach Jan Azar, Wesleyan High School
Keith Diebler “With 2 Guns it’s quick to get in the extra work it takes to be Great Shooters, and about that Rebounder, there is no doubt it made us tougher on the boards.”
Coach Keith Diebler, Upper Sandusky H.S., 27-0 State Champs
Brett Sanders and Doug Schumpert
Anadarko Basketball Program Brett Sanders (Girls Coach) Doug Schumpert (Boys Coach) Combined Girls And Boys: 4 State Championships – 2 State Runner-ups 17 State Tournament Appearances
Sonya Marks “The Guns have allowed us to increase our shooting % in every category!”
State Champion Coach Sonya Marks, Clements HS, Alabama
Doug Hepler “The Gun really improved our shooting percentage and enabled us to shoot almost 45% from behind the arc during our two state championship seasons! It’s a great product — I am definitely a believer!”
Doug Hepler, Mt. Vernon, Missouri
Porter Cutrell
Mullin High School – Colorado Head Coach Porter Cutrell – 2 State Championships. – Five Centennial League Titles. – Nine state tournament appearances.
Rick Wilson “Our Guns help our players at all levels get the repetition and arch development necessary to be champions.”
Rick Wilson, 2007 Undefeated State Champions - 27-0, Weatherford High School- Weatherford, Oklahoma, 7 State Championships, 4 State Runner-up finishes, 14 Final Four teams, HS career record stands at 613-123.
Robey “We feel very fortunate to have had four consecutive trips to the State Championship game (State Record), claiming back to back titles in 2006 and 2007. Our team success would not have been possible without your shooting gun! The amount of shots our kids get up in the off-season is remarkable! Thanks and “Best Swishes”!”
Robey *2007 SD Boys Basketball Coach of the Year *2007 SD Region #5 Coach of the Year *South Dakota “State Champions” 2006, 2007 *20 seasons as a Head Coach in SD (coaching record 279-185)
John Miller “Using the Guns has been a valuable asset in building our program’s winning tradition.”
Coach John Miller, Blackhawk High School, Four Time State Champs - 64-1 in Two Years
Seth Vining “You have a great machine. We love it.”
Coach Seth Vining, East Hall High School - GA., State record - 24 made 3’s in one game.
Fred Tibbetts and Bob Wilber “During the summer at open gym we get great workouts in. With the Gun our FG% and FT% climbed.”
Coaches Fred Tibbetts and Bob Wilber, State Champs, both boys and girls. Roosevelt High School - S.D.
Keith Diebler “With 2 Guns it’s quick to get in the extra work it takes to be Great Shooters, and about that Rebounder, there is no doubt it made us tougher on the boards.”
Coach Keith Diebler, Upper Sandusky H.S., 27-0 State Champs
Rudy Garcia “We use the Guns in individual workouts, before and after practice, and believe that the Gun is a great tool to get a lot of shots up in a short period of time.”
State Champion Coach Rudy Garcia, Union HS Oklahoma
Kevin Billerman “The Gun we bought several years ago has helped our team average 27 wins per season over the past 5 years. This includes the 2012 NCISAA 3A State Championship. The number of players that have benefitted from Gun include these Atlantic Coast Conference players who graduated from Ravenscroft: Marc Campbell (UNC 2009), Ryan Kelly (Duke 2013), Luke Davis (UNC 2015), Joell Hopkins (Florida State 2015), and Madison Jones (Wake Forest 2016). Without the Gun, these players wouldn’t be where they are today.”
Kevin Billerman
Reggie Kohn “Guys can come in and get 500-800 shots up in 30 minutes. The Gun is a HUGE part of our program.”
State Champion Coach Reggie Kohn, Orlando Christian Prep
Gene Durden “The road to success is always under construction & part of our road runs through the use of our Guns!”
State Champion Coach Gene Durden, Buford HS, Georgia
Brian Cosgriff “We find the Gun absolutely essential to increasing our shooting % during the season. The Gun forces you to put arch on the ball through repetition.”
State Champion Coach Brian Cosgriff, Hopkins HS, Minn
Leland Bearden “The Gun enables us to get game-like situations and a lot of repetition. I am a die-hard Gun guy.”
Champion Coach Leland Bearden, Smyer, HS TX
Ken Hiskes “There is no question in my mind that the Gun has played a significant role in our success. Several kids average 3000 shots per week.”
Ken Hiskes, Head Coach, South Christian High School, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Class B State Champions - 2003 and 2005
Jack Doss “The Gun is one of the best investments we have ever made. You don’t want to go into battle without one!”
State Champion Coach Jack Doss, Butler HS Alabama
Matt Harris “Our shooting percentages from 2FG’s and 3FG’s have improved 10% during the last two year’s since we began our workouts with the machine. This past season our team shot 37% from the 3pt. line with our best shooter hitting 49% from the arc. It was a very easy decision to order our 2nd Gun!”
Matt Harris, 4AII Coach of the Year (Arizona Coaches Association), Notre Dame Prep, Scottsdale Arizona, 4AII State Champions, 27-5
Matt Garrett “We use both Guns daily in practice, and we flat try to wear them out!”
Coach Matt Garrett, 3 Time State Champion
Randy Walker “We were not the most gifted team as far as athleticism, but we were a very good shooting team, as a direct result from using the Shootaway Guns.”
Champion Coach Randy Walker, Boulder Creek HS, Anthem, Arizona
Andy Flack “We use the Gun a little different than most. We use the Gun as a conditioner. That way we can keep the tempo in practice as fast as we want it.”
Andy Flack