Original Shoot-A-Way

The Original Basketball Shooting Practice Machine

Effective and Efficient Shooting Practice! Return balls to passer, for zone shooting, shots off picks, low post cuts, or 3-point shots. Practice any game-situation jump shots off the pass. A great shooting station.

Tracks Extend From 15 to 22 ft. Ball Return to One Side or Alternate Return Adjustable height Nets from 8 – 13 ft. Tracks Swivel for 180° Shooting.

Original Shoot-A-Way

Shoot-A-Way Price — $1475 + freight.

Call 800-294-4654 for more information.

Concen­trated Repetition

Concentrated Repetition is the only way to build muscle memory. The player should see over 200 shots snap the net in 15 minutes — it can’t help but build confidence.

Increase Arch

Increase arch to just 45° and get a 44% increase in target size.

Diagram showing results of low basketball arch
Diagram showing results of high basketball arch

Why shooting percentages will go up with arch:

  1. Bigger target — up to 70% bigger!
  2. Better chance for a shooter's bounce.