Home Court

The Outdoor Basketball Shooting Machine for the Home

The HomeCourt is the little brother of the Original Shoot-A-Way used by thousands of High Schools and Colleges around the country. The HomeCourt allows players everywhere to enjoy the benefits of the most efficient basketball shooting practice available.

More shooting practice in one day than most players get in a month.

  • Designed For Outdoor Use. Set Up Under Any Existing Rim.
  • Ball Tracks Extend 15-21 ft.
  • Rolls On Rubber Wheels.
  • Compact, one-piece design.
  • Quick, easy setup and storage.

HomeCourt for use with existing rim — $875 + freight.

Call 800-294-4654 for more information.


Home Court basketball shooting machine


Track Extends

from 15 to 21 feet!

Roll Away

on rubber wheels for easy setup and takedown.

Home Court

No Disas­sembly

Quick and easy setup and storage.

Increase Arch

Increase arch to just 45° and get a 44% increase in target size.

Diagram showing results of low basketball arch
Diagram showing results of high basketball arch

Why shooting percentages will go up with arch:

  1. Bigger target — up to 70% bigger!
  2. Better chance for a shooter's bounce.