Catch and Shoot w/Close Out

Pat Summitt demonstrates a great warm up drill where shooters are practicing game like shots.

Communication Drill

Pat Summitt shows a drill where players are forced to practice all the fundamentals of becoming a GREAT SHOOTER!

Communication Drill w/Defense

Pat Summit does a wonderful job showing a Game-Like shooting drill.

Shot Fake Seperation Drill

Coach Summitt teaches how to practice shot fakes to separate from good defense.

Drive & Kick

Pat Summitt does another great GAME LIKE shooting drill working not only shooters but passers too.

Spacing with Movement

Tennesse Coach Pat Summitt works a great shooting drill that helps teach spacing within an offense.

Spacing with Movement w/Defense

Coach Pat Summitt adds a defender to her Spacing Shooting Drill.

Inside Curl Action Drill

Here is one of Coach Pat Summit's best shooting drills she uses at the University of Tennessee with The Gun Basketball Shooting Machine.

Inside Curl Action Drill w/Defense

Coach Summitt adds a defender to her Inside Curl Action Basketball Shooting Drill.

Low to High Action Shooting

Coach Summit demonstrates a shooting drill that teaches a low to high cut out of the post using the Gun Basketball Shooting Machine.

Lift Flare Action Drill

Tennessee's Pat Summitt reviews one of her favorite Gun basketball shooting machine shooting drills.