Compared to the Competition

The Gun 10K  vs.  Dr. Dish CT  &  Dr. Dish All-Star

Country of Manufacturing USA CHINA CHINA
Collection Net Clear Netting Black Netting Black Netting
Adjustable Net Height 10’11” to 12’9″
(22″ adjustment”)
10’11” to 11’2″
(3″ adjustment”)
10’11” to 11’2″
(3″ adjustment”)
Shot Counter • Non-Intrusive
• Lets you hear the sound of a “Swish”
• Large plastic flapper
• Steel cage surrounds net
• Will never hear a “Swish”
• Large plastic flapper
• Steel cage surrounds net
• Will never hear a “Swish”
Storage Size Height: 78″
Width: 28″
Length: 52″
Height: 78″
Width: 34″
Length: 49″
Height: 78″
Width: 30″
Length: 40″
Machine Weight 358 lbs.
Built to last!
296 lbs.
Light, flimsy frame
230 lbs.
Light, flimsy frame
Throwing Mechanism Throwing arm
(with natural back spin)
Steel square tubing
(inconsistently punches the ball out)
Steel square tubing
(inconsistently punches the ball out)
Pass Distance Selector 20+ throw distances per spot 5 preset distances 5 preset distances
Perimeter Locations 17 9 19
Shot Selection Over 170 spots 45 spots 95 spots
Custom Order Passing
Post Passing Option
Build Custom Workouts
Quick and Easy Setup
Put up shots in under 30 seconds!
Up to 3 minutes of setup before shooting Up to 3 minutes of setup before shooting
Wi-Fi Not Required Wi-Fi required
Comes Fully Assembled
Fully assembled and tested by American workers
• Shipped directly from China
• Some assembly required
• Shipped directly from China
• Some assembly required
Free Customization Extra charge Extra charge
5-Year Warranty on Accessories 1-year warranty on accessories 1-year warranty on accessories
Free Shipping on Warrantied Parts Customer pays shipping Customer pays shipping

Available Shot Locations

The Gun 10K has more than three times the number of shot locations available compared with Dr. Dish CT! This flexibility means The Gun can send the ball wherever you want it on the court and your workout can be exactly what you want.

While the Dr. Dish CT has only 9 angles, The Gun has 17! Dr. Dish CT is limited to five preset distances, while The Gun has more than twice that!

3 times more locations

Net Height Adjustment

The Gun 10K allows you to adjust the net hight to anywhere from 10’11” to 12’9″. That’s almost 2 feet! The competitor only has a range of 3 inches! It’s important to get the proper arch on your shots, and this versatility is crucial for that training.

5 Times More Adjustment

Net Material

With The Gun’s transparent net, you can see exactly where you need to shoot the ball. Dr. Dish uses black netting that makes it hard for shooters to locate the target!

The difference is clear!

Motor Comparison

Our motor is nearly 5 times bigger and has 3 times the life expectancy. The Gun uses high-quality, heavy duty components that will last you 15-20 years.

5 Times Bigger
3 Times more Life

Compare Throw Distance

The Gun has 4 times as many throw distances per spot. This allows for players of all sizes and skill levels to make the slightest adjustment and be able to catch the ball right in their shooting pocket every time.

Dr. Dish only has 5 set throw distances per spot. With no ability to adjust, players will be forced to catch passes overhead or down by their knees.

4 times more throw distances per spot

Noise Comparison

The Gun is two times quieter than Dr. Dish when in operation. A quieter machine will allow you to better communicate with, and coach, your players. For the home user, a quieter machine creates a more comfortable, peaceful environment for you and your neighbors.

2 Times Quieter