Basketball players around the world use the Gun to improve their game.

The Gun 6000The Gun 6000

The Gun 8000The Gun 8000

The Gun 10kThe Gun 10k

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What is the better basketball shooting Machine?

Compared to the Competition

The Gun 10K vs. Dr. Dish CT & Dr. Dish All-Star

Country of Manufacturing
Collection NetClear NettingBlack NettingBlack Netting
Adjustable Net Height10’11” to 12’9″
(22″ adjustment)
10’11” to 11’3″
(4″ ajustment)
10’11” to 11’3″
(4″ ajustment)
Shot CounterNon-Intrusive.
Lets you hear the
sound of the “Swish”
Large plastic flapper
Steel cage surrounds net
Will never hear a “Swish”
Large plastic flapper
Steel cage surrounds net
Will never hear a “Swish”
Storage Size78″ – Height
28″ – Width
52″ – Length
1,456 in2” – Base
78″ – Height
34″ – Width
49″ – Length
1,666 in2” – Base
78″ – Height
30″ – Width
40″ – Length
Machine Weight358 lbs.
Built to last!
296 lbs.
Light, flimsy frame
230 lbs.
Light, flimsy frame
Throwing MechanismThrowing arm
(With natural back spin)
Steel square tubing
(Inconsistently punches the ball out)
Steel square tubing
(Inconsistently punches the ball out)
Pass Distance Selector20+ throw distances per spot5 preset distances5 preset distances
Perimeter Locations17919
Shot SelectionOver 170 spots45 spots95 spots
Custom Order Passingcheck markcheck markcheck mark
Post Passing Optioncheck markcheck markcheck mark
Build Custom Workoutscheck markcheck markcheck mark
Quick and Easy Setupcheck mark
Put up shots in under 30 seconds!
Up to 2 minutes of setup
before shooting
Up to 2 minutes of setup
before shooting
Wi-Fi Not Requiredcheck mark
No Internet? No Problem.
No Internet in Gym?
Can’t keep stats.
check mark
Comes Fully Assembledcheck mark
Fully assembled and tested
by American workers
Shipped directly from China
Some assembly required
Shipped directly from China
Some assembly required
Free Customizationcheck markExtra chargeExtra charge
5-Year Warranty on Accessoriescheck mark1-year warranty on accessories1-year warranty on accessories
Free Shipping on Warrantied Partscheck markCustomer pays shippingCustomer pays shipping


Reason #1


Spot Selection

The Gun will throw to 17 spots around the perimeter compared to just 9 spots with the Dr. Dish CT.


The Dr. Dish has only 5 Distance settings. If you compare a 6’4″ player and a 5’6″ player both wanting to shoot FT jumpers, the 6’4″ player may catch the pass at his chest while the 5’6″ player catches the same pass over his head.

With The Gun there are 20 plus distance settings per spot. The ability to make the slightest changes in the passing distance allows players of any height to catch the ball right in their shooting pocket, every time, at any spot. The flexibility of the Distance and Pass Placement is just another reason why Most Coaches Count on The Gun.

Reason #2

Clear Net vs. Black Net

We tried a Black Net 20 yrs. ago and 85% of Coaches and Players preferred the Clear Net. One of the main reasons Most Top Coaches choose The Gun is they want their players practicing game like shots. For example, some teach focusing on the eyelet on the front of the rim, and the Black Net makes it very difficult to see. This is only possible on the Gun!

Counting Made Shots

Hearing a swish is a Reward for a Perfect Shot and Motivation for the player. Players and Coaches love the fact that Gun’s counter never touches the ball. The Dr. Dish counter will never let you hear a swish. The steel cage under rim will just make a “Clank” noise.

The Gun – Clear Net

Dr. Dish – Black Net

The Eye Chart is used as reference of clarity.
Reason #3

Motor Comparison

5 Times Bigger & 3 Times More Life

Our Motor is nearly 5 Times bigger and has 3 Times the life expectancy.
The Gun uses high-quality, heavy duty componets that will last you 15 – 20 years.

Reason #4

Net Height Adjustment

Our net is over 5 Times more adjustable to encourage optimal shooting arc and not allow “Flat” shots.
The higher net will also collect more misses so they are not bouncing all over the gym.

Reason #5

Compare Throw Distance

The Gun – has 4 Times as many Throw Distances per spot. This allow for players of all sizes and skill levels to make the slightest adjustment and be able to catch the ball right in their shooting pocket every time.

Dr. Dish – has only 5 Set Throw Distances per spot. With no ability to adjust, players will be forced to catch passes overhead or down by the knees.

Reason #6


The Gun is two times quieter Than Dr. Dish

A more quiet machine will make it so you can better communicate with, and coach your players.
For the home user, a quieter machine creates a more comfortable, peaceful environment
for you and your neighbors.

*Dr Dish is a registered trademark by Airborne Athletics

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