The Gun 10K Reviews

The 10K is the best shooting machine that I have ever worked with. I love the Apps, the touchscreen and the efficiency of the 10K.

Coach Cody Buford, Raytown HS

I love how custom our players’ shooting plan can be. The app is great so they can hold each other accountable and compete against one another.

Coach JD Robinson, Benbrook HS

The touch screen is so much nicer to use. Being able to pick the exact location of the shots and having so many options is awesome.

Coach Jeremy Rosenbalm, Heppner HS

Lighter than previous models. Much quieter. Keeps balls in the net better Much more efficient Speakers are a great enhancement as well as ongoing stats (Shot Builder Program)

Coach Jim Manzo, Lake Orion HS

The NEW 10K is much easier to set/take down. The kids love the touch screen and the streaming music.

Coach Kyle Krueger, St. Mary’s Springs Academy

Great upgrade from 8000/ readout is better, much faster than 8000, lighter to push, more compact.

Jeff Yow, Mike Hollis, Kevin Nunnley, Networks Basketball Training

The players enjoy the added features of the 10K and its efficiency and ability to keep track of shooting proficiency is the best part.

Coach Bill Hoover, Waverly HS Assistant

The touch screen display is the best. It is quick and easy to pick your different shot locations. I also really enjoy the feature which forces you to make so many in a row before you switch spots.

Coach Jeremy Rosenbalm, Heppner HS

It does not get better than the 10K.

Coach Jason Hathaway, Northwest HS

The bluetooth speaker is tremendous!

Coach Brad Fadem, University of Pennsylvania Assistant

Easy to set up. It is great….not sure how to improve it.

Coach Kyle Krueger, St. Mary’s Springs Academy

10k gun is much more hi tech and easy to use than the previous models. I love the free throw mode

Jason Faver, Home User

I like the Shot Tracking, different spots to have the ball pass to, and the different net heights.

Coach Spencer Kizer, Gurdon HS

I love the amount of shots we can get in a short amount of time. I also like the shot tracker system.

Coach Spncer Kizer

It is pretty much perfect, IMO! Not much to improve on…

Devin Hill, Biloxi HS

Much better. Love the Bluetooth sound system. Great for individual shooting drills….adds music to our practices..

Devin Hill, Biloxi HS

Best model I’ve seen yet.

Coach Jim Manzo, Lake Orion HS

So many more options that had created more ownership for our players.

Coach JD Robinson, Benbrook HS

Ease of set up and break down.

Ryan Robie, De Soto HS

Easy of set up and tear down and it’s versatility.

Joe Spineto, Silver Knights Basketball Club

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