Complete Post Station

Being a dominant post player is about two things: Footwork and Finishing with Contact. The Dominator is all about teaching those two necessities!

  • Blockout pads act as a Defender.
  • Adjustable resistance from 10 to 300 lbs.
  • Pads Adjust to any angle & swivel.
  • Shotblocker Pads Rotate up or down.

Using the Dominator

Dominator Examples

  1. Box Out
  2. Explode Up
  3. Drop-Step into Pro
  4. Attack the Hoop
  5. Finish with Contact!

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The Dominator: Standard Model

Standard Model

$3350 plus freight

The Dominator: Deluxe Model

Deluxe Model

$3750 plus freight

Automatic Motion

Dominator Action Push
Dominator Action Push

Hit one pad back, and the other moves forward.

Fully Adjustable

Dominator Action Adjust Lengths
Dominator Action Adjust Angles

Arms and pads adjust to different lengths and angles.


Strength • Footwork • Balance • Vertical • Timing • Stamina

Compact Storage

Rolls through standard doors.

Dominator Drills